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Hong Kong & Mainland China

This itinerary is an ideal combination of varied culture of China, including Hong Kong. A place where East meets West is more perfect a description than any other place on Earth, ... Hong Kong is an ever-evolving world class destination, and one that certainly warrants more than one visit. Read More

Malaysia Tour Packages

Malaysia - Truly Asia

Namaskar Holidays offer tourist to explore the unmatched beauty of finest beach destinations, inspiring natural beauty and fascinating man made tourists attraction. It can be a great place for religious persons and fun loving couples. Honeymooners can opt for scenic beaches like Penang, Langkawi and many more for their honeymoon holidays celebration. Even adventure activities like diving, River rafting, exploring caves paragliding, bird watching can be done while you are in Malaysia. Read More

Singapore Tour

Super Singapore

Singapore is a state island south of Malaysia. The country is one of the richest and best organized in the world. Millions of tourists come every year to Singapore. The city's main tourist attractions are the skyscrapers in Raffles Place, the old quarters of Chinatown and Little India, and the resort island of Senatosa. But one of the main reasons to come to Singapore is shopping. The city-state is famous for its strict laws and for the safety of its streets. Read More

Thailand Tour

Mystical Thailand

Thailand is such a place where one can feel and see the perfect blend of traditional and modern cultures. The welcoming people clad in traditional dress with a smile on their face offers tranquil atmosphere that makes the visit to Thailand truly heavenly and memorable. People here are very charming and are good hosts too. Fell the beauty and get orient with the peaceful ambiance of Thailand that has made it rightly called the Land of Smiles. Read More

Europe Tour Packages

Wonders of Europe

Welcome to the treasure of Europe - your personal guidebook every time your thoughts turn to a European vacation. Europe offers many unforgettable experiences. We have selected a few for you that go far beyond the ordinary. These hand selected travel programmes will allow you to experience the best Europe has to offer. Enjoy the experience of Europe with our best europe tour packages. Read More